Contributions for ICRC11

Collaboration List


Index Authors Title Type Track Presenter
H B. D'Ettorre Piazzoli Highlights from the ARGO-YBJ experiment highlight   B.D'Ettorre Piazzoli
1 P. Camarri Stabilization of the operating point of the ARGO-YBJ Resistive Plate Chambers poster HE 1.4 P. Camarri
2 M. Iacovacci, S. Mastroianni Time calibration by exploiting the continuous carpet feature of ARGO-YBJ poster HE 1.4 S. Mastroianni
3 P. Bernardini, A. D'Amone,  H.H. He, G. Mancarella, L. Perrone, A. Surdo Azimuthal modulation of cosmic ray flux as an effect of geomagnetic in the ARGO-YBJ experiment poster HE 1.1 P.Bernardini
4 G. Di Sciascio, R. Iuppa Observation of the Cosmic Ray Moon shadowing effect with the ARGO-YBJ experiment poster HE 1.1 G. Di Sciascio
5 G. Di Sciascio, R. Iuppa Measurement of Cosmic Ray antip/p flux ratio at TeV energies with ARGO-YBJ oral HE 1.1 G. Di Sciascio
6 F.R Zhu, N. Ye Sun shadow study in the quiet phase of the solar activity with the ARGO-YBJ experiment oral OG1.3, SH3.4, SH3.5 F.R. Zhu
7 T. Di Girolamo, P. Vallania, C. Vigorito Update of the search for Gamma Ray Bursts with ARGO-YBJ in scaler mode poster OG 2.4 T. Di Girolamo
8 S. Vernetto Study of the Crab Nebula flux variability with the ARGO-YBJ detector poster OG 2.2 S. Vernetto
9 H.H. He, S.Z. Chen, L. Zhang A multi-wavelength view of the large gamma-ray flares from Mrk421 in 2010 oral OG 2 H.H. He
10 S.Z. Chen Long-term monitor on Mrk421 TeV emission using ARGO-YBJ experiment oral OG 2 S.Z. Chen
11 S. Vernetto, T. Di Girolamo Observation of the TeV gamma ray source MGRO J1908+06 with ARGO-YBJ oral OG 2.2 S. Vernetto
12 S.Z. Chen Observation of TeV gamma rays from the Cygnus region with ARGO-YBJ experiment poster OG 2 S.Z. Chen
13 L.L. Ma A measurement of the diffuse TeV gamma ray emission from the Galactic Plane with ARGO-YBJ experiment oral OG 2.1 L.L. Ma
14 Y. Chen An all sky survey for flaring gamma ray sources using ARGO data oral OG 2.3,OG 2.4 Y. Chen
15 M. Zha Monitoring VHE extragalactic sources with ARGO-YBJ detector oral OG 2.3 M. Zha
16 R. Iuppa, G. Di Sciascio, F.K.Hansen, D. Marinucci, R. Santonico A needlet-based approach to the shower-mode data analysis in the ARGO-YBJ experiment poster HE 1.1 R. Iuppa
17 A. Pagliaro, G. D'Al Staiti, F. D'Anna A multiscale method for gamma/h discrimination in extensive air showers poster HE 1.1 A.Pagliaro
18 X.X. Li, H.H. He, S.Z. Chen Gamma-hadron discrimination using time profile in the ARGO-YBJ experiment oral HE 1.1 X.X. Li
19 G. Di Sciascio, R. Iuppa Few-degree anisotropies in the cosmic-ray flux observed by the ARGO-YBJ experiment oral HE 1.1 R. Iuppa
20 S.W. Cui, T.L. Li, J.L. Zhang Study on large-scale CR anisotropy with ARGO-YBJ experiment oral HE 1.1 S.W. Cui
21 I. De Mitri, G. Marsella, L. Perrone, A. Surdo, G. Zizzi Hadronic interaction studies with the ARGO-YBJ experiment poster HE 3.1 A. Surdo
22 M. Iacovacci, S. Mastroianni Size spectrum and lateral distribution of air showers measured by ARGO-YBJ at high energies (>100 TeV) oral       HE 1.1,         HE 3.1,OG 1.2, HE 1.4 M. Iacovacci
23 M. Zha Study of air shower particles behavior near the core region poster HE 1.1 M. Zha
24 J. Zhao, X.H. Ma Multicore cosmic shower in the ARGO-YBJ experiment oral HE 3.1 J. Zhao
25 B. Panico, G. Di Sciascio, S. Catalanotti Measurement of the CR light component primary spectrum poster HE 1.1 B. Panico
26 S.M. Mari, P. Montini The light component spectrum measured by the ARGO-YBJ experiment in the energy region 1-300 TeV oral HE 1 P. Montini
27 F. Bitelli, A. Budano, S.M. Mari The TIER-2 site for the ARGO-YBJ experiment poster HE 1  
28 A.K. Calabrese Melcarne, G. Marsella, D. Martello, L. Perrone, S. Sbano Temporal and spatial structure of the extensive air shower front with the ARGO-YBJ experiment oral HE 1.1 G. Marsella
29 X.M. Zhou, N. Ye, F.R. Zhu, H.Y. Jia, Danzengluobu, I. Bolognino, P. Salvini, E. Giroletti Observing the effect of the atmospheric electric field inside thunderstorms on the EAS with the ARGO-YBJ experiment poster SH 4.1, SH 4.2 F.R. Zhu
30 E. Giroletti, I. Bolognino, C. Cattaneo, G. Liguori, P. Salvini, P. Vallania,          C. Vigorito 222Rn daughters influence on scaler mode of ARGO-YBJ detector oral HE 1.1, SH 4.2 I. Bolognino
31 Z. Cao, S.Z. Chen TeV gamma-ray survey of the northern sky using the ARGO-YBJ detector oral OG 2 Z. Cao
32 X.H. Ma, J. Zhao Study on Inconsistency of Bigpads in the ARGO-YBJ experiment with Iso-gradient method oral HE 1.1 X.H. Ma
33 M. Iacovacci, S. Mastroianni Stability and calibration of the analog RPC readout in ARGO-YBJ poster HE 1.1, HE 1.4 M. Iacovacci
34 S.S. Zhang Hybrid measurement of CR energy spectrum and composition <200 TeV by using ARGO-YBJ and WFCTA oral HE 1.1 S.S. Zhang